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Secretary and Treasurer Q&A

  1. What made you want this position?

Miranda: I had been involved in PRSSA for the past year and wanted to take my involvement to a new level. I enjoyed the meetings and the events that were thrown my freshman year, so it made me interested in the executive board. I’m organized and good with my own money, so I felt like being treasurer would be a good fit for me.

Marissa: I wanted to be the Secretary of PRSSA because it would give me a great opportunity to interact with members as they come into each meeting and turn in their applications.  A lot of my job is recruiting new members through which I have gotten to interact with most Manship professors as well as many Manship students in their classes.


  1. What is the most demanding part of the position? What has been the most rewarding part of your position?

Miranda: Dues! It gets pretty crazy. You have to make sure you’re giving correct change, keeping track of payment methods and keeping records updated. Not only do you have to keep records of dues, fill out paperwork for Nationals and do the math for the check to Nationals, but you have to stay on top of sending personalized confirmation emails to everyone who paid dues. This is when good organizational skills are incredibly important.

Marissa: The most demanding part of being the secretary is when everyone is turning in dues and applications.  I had to create a spreadsheet of all of our members and their contact information to send into PRSSA National by their set due date.  It’s really just a lot of paperwork and making sure they get sent out on time.

  1. Do you intend to go for a position similar to this when you enter the industry?

Miranda: As fun as this experience has been, I also learned that budgeting and financial account management isn’t my favorite part of public relations. I’m more interested in web and content creation.

Marissa: I would definitely like to have a career that involves a lot of networking and interacting with other people.

  1. If you could get members to describe your time in this position in one word, what would you want that word be?

Miranda: Organization.

Marissa: Communicating.

  1. Walk us through a day in the life of your position.

Miranda: Treasurer isn’t a position that has daily tasks, but I can walk you through a week in the life:

A lot of what I do happens on Thursdays before our E-board meetings. I have to check the PRSSA box in the Journalism Building for dues applications and checks. I update my records of paying members as well as making email confirmations.

In preparation of a business meeting, I make sure to pack checks, receipt book, Square reader, laptop, and any applications I might already have. These are all very important when collecting dues.

After dues are collected and sent in, I keep up with committees and their spending for committee hosted events. I am responsible for reimbursements and correct filing of reimbursement forms.

Marissa: As secretary, you have to:

  • Create the weekly email and send it out Monday mornings.
  • Keep up with everything going in the organization whether that be in PRSSA, ImPRint, or any of our various committees.
  • Send a complete member list to PRSSA National every semester.
  • Keep in contact with Manship Weekly.
  1. What would you say to anyone who wanted to run for this position?

Miranda: This position is great to get to know people within the Chapter. You have to come face to face with every dues paying member at least once. You also run a committee which also familiarizes you with the members. It’s a rewarding position to be in knowing you help allocate funds to produce the incredible events that the Chapter hosts. If you’re organized, naturally driven and like meeting members then I strongly recommend you run for this position.

Marissa: This is a great position to start in especially since it is not quite as demanding as some other positions.  A lot of this work can be done from anywhere with an internet connection which helps a lot when you’re out of town, in class or stuck at home sick.  This has to be one of the biggest networking positions so if you enjoy talking to other LSU professors and students, this is the position for you!

  1. What has this position taught you about collaboration?

Miranda: I have learned a lot about collaboration this year being on the E-board. I have to get with committees and other executives about what their events and plans are for the Chapter to prepare a budget every semester. I have to be very in tune with the E-board and the members to keep the Chapter financially running. It’s a lot of back and forth to keep money balanced in and out of the Chapter.

Marissa: This position is all about collaboration.  You are constantly in contact with the other executive board members to make sure their information is being included in the weekly emails as well as coordinating to get the newsletters and PRograms printed.  


  1. Any last thoughts?

Miranda: Being a part of the executive board has been so rewarding. I have learned a lot about being a leader and working as a team. I have made some amazing friends within the executive board. It is a great experience, and I recommend everyone run for a position at least once.

Marissa: This is truly a fun position that involves a lot of communication and coordination within the executive board and beyond.  Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions! I’d be more than happy to chat via email or over coffee if you’d like more information.

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