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We’re so excited for you to join our chapter. If you have questions at any time, please refer to the constitution by clicking here or by contacting the executive board here. Please also see the PRSSA Ethical Decision-Making Guide.


Please print and fill out the membership application, and bring it to our secretary at one of our business meetings. Please also attach your dues to the document. A limited number of membership applications are also available upstairs in the office of the Journalism Building.

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To be a member of PRSSA at LSU, please fill out and turn in our application along with the $75 membership fee at one of our business meetings. Fifty dollars will go to PRSSA National to cover national membership, while $25 will stay with PRSSA at LSU for local membership. Dues can be paid either in the fall or spring semester and last for one full year. A reduced membership fee for December graduates is available at $65.

Dues can be paid in cash or by check (made out to PRSSA at LSU) in-person at the end of a business meeting. We can also accept all major credit cards at business meetings via Square reader with a 2.75% fee ($2) for each transaction.

If you would like to pay online via PayPal, follow this link. Tax is 4% ($3).

Please contact our treasurer with any questions.

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Point System

Each member has the option to become an active PRSSA at LSU member by paying dues for the academic year and receiving 5 points through his/her involvement in the organization each semester. Active members are eligible to run for officer positions in the Spring 2017 semester and to receive awards given at the end of semester and/or year. Active members will also have access to PRSSA National Conference funds and exclusive networking events, such as agency tours.

This year we have developed a three-tier system for active membership. Through involvement with this Chapter, a member can fall into any of these categories:

Active Member = Five (5) Points

  • Voting privileges
  • Access to fundraising dollars for PRSSA National events
  • May run for executive board positions
  • Eligible to receive Chapter awards

Star Member = Seven (7) Points

  • Above perks, plus:
  • PRSSA at LSU swag item
  • Recognition at end-of-semester awards

Pro Member = Ten (10) Points

  • Active + Star perks, plus:
  • Invitation to EXCLUSIVE PRo Member event

Point Values:

One-half (.5) point will be awarded:

  • For each item donated in any service drive (i.e., food, toys, school supplies, etc.)
    Limit three (3) points total for each service drive.

One (1) point will be awarded:

  • For each business meeting attended during the fall or spring semester
  • For attendance at any service, social or committee event
  • For assistance in each fundraising activity for PRSSA
  • For attending PRSSA, PRSA-BR or PRAL-BR workshops or special events
  • For each written piece printed or published for PRSSA at LSU’s or PRSSA National’s newsletter and/or blog
  • For attendance at PRSSA National events, including National Conference, Regional Conference or National Assembly

Two (2) points will be awarded:

  • For consistent involvement in the affiliated, student-run firm ImPRint Communications during the fall semester or the spring semester
  • For consistent involvement in a committee formed by the Executive Board during the fall or spring semester

Three (3) points will be awarded:

  • For consistent involvement in ongoing service projects (i.e., Reading Friends) during the fall or spring semester

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PRSSA at LSU meetings take place on biweekly Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Holliday Forum, unless otherwise noted.

Business meetings feature professional speakers and interactive workshops to help members build their skills as public relations pre-professionals.

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Committees are the lifeline of PRSSA at LSU, as well as the best way to get hands-on experiences that really counts. Whether your interests lie in event planning, writing, recruiting, fundraising or more, there is a place for you in PRSSA at LSU committees.

PRSSA at LSU committees include:

  • Professional Development
  • Membership Outreach
  • Service
  • Social
  • Diversity
  • Fundraising
  • Communications

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