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Crafting a Career Storybook

“What is your greatest triumph?”

“Tell me about a time you failed.”

“Are you a team player?”

All of these hypothetical interview questions require examples, or real life stories, as support. But for most 20-somethings, figuring out your greatest triumph is a bit daunting.

We all have applicable successes and failures – it comes from being human. Being aware of those experiences and how to apply in the professional world them is the next level. Yet how does someone recall a definitive moment during the stress of an interview 1, 2, or 10 years later.

Help your future job seeking self now by starting a career storybook. Jot down the things that make you proud or failures you have learned from. It could be two sentences about the day your blog had 100 hits, a paragraph on how you dealt with a difficult group member or reflections on public relations and why it matters.

Your storybook doesn’t have to be a tangible 3-subject color-coded notebook carried with you at all times, a simple note on your device of choice will do. The idea is to create a central place to record life challenges that could serve as practical examples of your performance in future job interviews.

My career storybook was started when I stumbled upon my first blog posts. They are posted on “The Reukie and Edgar Chronicles,” a masterful piece of art and blog created by my 12-year-old self. My sister’s best friend was battling cancer at the time, so we kept her two German Shepherds while she was in and out of the hospital. The blog was started as a way to show her that Reukie and Edgar were up to their same old shenanigans and hopefully spread a few smiles along the way.

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  1. It is a brilliant idea to have a career story book. It will give us a glimpse of the paths we went through. Somehow, it will give as an inspiration to strive harder and reach more of our goals.

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