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Resume Writing for the Underemployed

As if resume writing wasn’t hard enough, you finish filling out your past schooling, jobs and activities only to realize you have half a page of white space remaining. What now? Have no fear. These tips will help you fill that blank space and get you the job/internship of your dreams (or at least one that pays).


  1. Include relevant coursework

I found out about this little gem of information about a year ago. I didn’t have a whole lot of experience to fill my resume with, but taking a class in your major can sometimes be experience enough.

Journalism major? Put that media writing class you passed (even if every paper you wrote was returned to you bloodied with proofreading marks and comments).

Engineer? You didn’t suffer through physics for nothing.



  1. Personal and professional skills

This is often overlooked. Here’s where you answer the question, “Why should I hire you?” List anything from your proficiency in Adobe Suite to your eagerness to learn.



  1. Honors/Awards

This is another one that isn’t always included in the premade Microsoft Word resume template, but don’t forget about scholarships! Those are our favorite kind of awards after all.



Hopefully these tips will help to beef up your resume! Good luck, and happy (job) hunting!

Caroline Byrne is a member of the PRSSA at LSU Professional Development Committee.

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