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Why PR is the best profession

Public relations is absolutely the best career, in my humble opinion. PR is in everything. It is one of only a few professional positions that is found in nearly every industry and business. That is what makes the PR degree incredibly exciting; the opportunities are limitless and unbounded.

Many public relations practitioners will tell you the best part of their job is that every single day presents something new and different. There is not likely to be any two days that are exactly the same. Working in PR allows you to do everything from prepping a newsletter to curating social media content to working with celebrity influencers and responding to a crisis situation all in one day.

PR practitioners are fortunate because not only are the daily tasks so widespread and dynamic but so are the varying work environments. Whether you want to work for the government, in healthcare, for a non-profit, with a corporation or an agency,  the opportunities are endless.

For the animal lover like me who’s only every dreamed of being a veterinarian, discovering that public relations exists in nearly every sector and organization was exhilarating. My passion has always been loving and supporting the animals but my needle phobia stopped me from becoming a veterinarian among other reasons. By entering the public relations world, the opportunities to work with animals are infinite. From zoos to shelters to vet schools to pet food companies to animal hospitals, each one needs a PR professional.

For those of you currently majoring in public relations, congratulations! I think you’ve picked an amazing career path. For those of you currently regretting your pre-med major, look into PR. It is a career choice that is for sure to take you anywhere you want to go.

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