PRSSA at LSU continues to grow each year in membership, but our budget is unpredictable. Each year, we strive to do more with our organization, including service events to the Baton Rouge community and scholarships for our members. Your donation helps to make this a reality. Donations are also tax-deductible.

Here’s what a donation can cover:

$25 — Membership to PRSSA at LSU.
$45 — Covers food for a meeting or a networking event.
$50 — 
Membership to the National organization.
$75 — Membership to PRSSA at LSU and the National organization. Read more here to see what a donation of this size could do for a student.
$300 — Would allow a PRSSA at LSU member to go to National Conference.

We appreciate every donation that comes our way. Should you wish to donate via PayPal, please contact our Treasurer. For checks, please write them out to “PRSSA at LSU.” If you wish to mail them, please use the following address:

Sadie Wilks
211 Journalism Bldg.
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803